Thursday, August 27, 2009

O'Shaughnessy Dam instream flow evaluation study plan

As part of the Upper Tuolumne River Ecosystem Project, McBain & Trush have developed a study plan that focuses on our initial objective of developing ecosystem-based instream flow recommendations for O'Shaughnessy Dam. Many aspects of the plan have been underway since the inception of the Ecosystem Project, while others are new and will be implemented through December 2010. In particular, the SFPUC and McBain & Trush have worked closely with the USFWS to develop the flow-habitat relationship studies which are currently underway and will continue into the fall, with followup work in 2010.

Upper Tuolumne River Ecosystem Project: O'Shaughnessy Dam Instream Flow Evaluation Study Plan (PDF | 1.7MB)